Sunday, July 19, 2009

A week of FUN with the Hardy girls!

A few weekends ago I was so lucky to be able to take care of my nieces Katelyn and Sadie! Allie and Troy wanted to go look for a house in Texas and need a few days to to it without the girls. The girls and I had such a fun week! I can't even begin to tell you the fun things they said and did. It was an adventure for me figuring out how to get around in a different state...lets just say who ever invented the GPS systems was brilliant. I couldn't have done it without it and of course with some help from Katelyn. Over the week we did quite a few things. Let me just give you overview of the whole week. When I first got into Arizona Allie, Katleyn and Sadie picked me first they were so shy but warmed up quickly. Allie and Troy left the next day and then the party began (just kidding Al). We hung around the house and watched movies. We couldn't just watch the movie...we had to build a fort and have treats before starting the movie. I tried to get out of the house and do something at least once each we wouldn't get to bored. We went to the Splash of the best things we could have done and one of Katelyn and Sadie's favorite places to go. In my opinion it is one of smartest ways to cool off in HOT Arizona. We made lots of trips to the red box, to chic-fil-a, and to get some treats. All of you who know me know I love slushes so we couldn't pass up Bahama Bucks and the QT. We filled the rest of the time playing games, coloring, painting our toenails and finger nails, and of course making treats! I had such a good time with them...I got to see how cute and precious these two girls are. One of the first things I noticed is the Sadie loves to sing to herself it doesn't matter where or when she will just start singing...she has a beautiful voice. One time when I was putting her down for a nap (which she didn't want to do) she got up went to the door and in the cutest little voice said "I be back 1 minute..k?" I couldn't help but laugh. I knew she wasn't going to come back she didn't want to take a nap,needless to say she didn't take a nap that day. She is so loving and can make you smile. Katelyn has grown up so much and is so smart. She soaks in all that her mom says. Allie must prepare them for the days events or before going into a store because when she is playing she will talk about how she has a "plan" or "order" of what is going to happen that she will tell her imaginary friends. She is so sweet and sensitive to others feelings. Church was the only rough spot the whole week with the girls. Me alone with two girls who didn't want to go to primary was tough. They started crying at the same time in sacrament meeting. Katelyn apologized the rest of the day for "being bad" in church. For the record they weren't bad at all. Katelyn is a good little helper. Without her I couldn't have made it through the week. I love them both so much! It was a FUN week!