Sunday, September 7, 2008

We are back on the diet!

About 7 months ago Jon and I were talking about how our live was and everything that was going on. With being newly weds and having a busy schedule we had failed to notice that we had put on t a few pounds. So we started a workout program, body for life. After the first few weeks we started noticing changes, clothes were fitting better and we felt better. Jon and lost 18 pounds and I lost 11 but...then the summer came. We got out of our routine and we put a few pounds back. We didn't like how we were feeling and started it up again. This week has been pretty good, we haven't missed a day at the gym. Our routine consists of getting up at 6:15 and heading to the gym, doing our workout and eating smaller meals throughout the day. Sounds easy right...well I have a hard time. I can't get over the chocolate cravings! Jon is following to a T and I am just following pretty well. It will get better though. Well after not working out for a while and jumping right into it was a little difficult on my body. Lets just say that I can't walk today! My calves hurt so bad! Jon just makes fun off me all the time and he keeps on saying "I told you to stretch". Yes I am an idiot and didn't stretch enough...well not really at all. I learned my lesson!