Sunday, October 11, 2009

What's new in our life!

So yet again I have been so bad at posting. This is what has been going on over the past few months...

We went to a Rockies game! Jon and I, Austin and Talia, Heather and Tucker and Adam (quite the crew) went to Denver to enjoy a baseball game and go to an amusement park. We went to Elitch's Garden it was a amusement park/water park...wasn't my favorite. I have to give props to 7 peaks and Lagoon they run efficiently compared to Elitch's. We rode a total of 4 rides the entire day. The games were fun even though they lost both, and I had beer spilled on me (don't worry the guy offered to buy me a beer to make up for it)!

Jon and I have now been married 2 years. I can't believe another year has gone by. We kind of celebrated the whole week. Each day we did something. We went and got massages, went to dinner and enjoyed going to the temple. It was just a great week. It brought back a lot of memories. Jon surprised me and sent me lilies to work, they are my favorite flower. I just have to say what a wonderful man I married. He treats me so well. I love him so much!

The best news of all is we found a house! We are building our has been wonderful and stressful. It is suppose to be completed in November! Jon and I are both so excited. The past couple of weeks have been busy with the planning and picking everything out. We had a lot to do it in a short amount of time. The construction has already begun. I had no idea how fast they could build a house. Well I will have to keep you updated on the whole process.

Other than that we have been busy going to Jon's games. Jon has been busy playing soccer, baseball and softball. Sports have been our lives for the past few months. That came to a sudden end three weeks ago when he tore his MCL playing in a baseball game. I think it has been hard for him not playing but we have to let it heal. Its kind of nice being able to stay home instead of going to a game every night...don't get me wrong we love going to games, it just nice to relax.