Sunday, May 17, 2009

Jon's 23rd Birthday!

Jon's birthday is May 18Th! I decided to throw him a surprise birthday party...after much pondering I figured the best place to do it would be at a Bees game. Since all of the guys love baseball and especially Jon, what better way to spend his birthday. So then the planning began. I decided to do it on Friday and had lots of help to throw him off. All week I had been asking him what he wanted to do and his only response was to spend time with me. With the help from my mom I developed the story we were going to a family party up in Salt Lake, my aunt does this occasionally so it was nothing suspicious...he totally believed it. So Friday night rolled around and I met Jon at home after work. I told him that my family had already left for the family get-together, when in reality they were at the park eating dinner. I had Kim write down directions to the "family party" which lead right to the stadium. As we approached the stadium I yelled surprise and that this was his birthday gift. His response was "stupid, no way" the one thing he says when he doesn't know what to say. He was so excited and to top things off...he walked in and saw all of his friends sitting behind third base. It was a great game...I think all the boys had fun. During the seventh inning stretch, the announcer made it known (over the intercom)that it was Jon Fuller's 23rd birthday. After the game I had cake waiting in the car. We had what you could call a tailgate party in honor of Jon. After all the partying was over I asked Jon if he had any idea about the surprise and he said he had no clue! I finally got him. Thank you to all who helped me pull of the surprise! It was a great night! Happy Birthday babe!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cinco De Mayo

So this week on Tuesday we celebrated Cinco De Mayo with our friends. What a party! It was so much fun. Jon and Austin threw it together and did a great job. We had carne asada (steak), tortillas, and bean dip...Jon did a great job on the grill. To top of a wonderful meal we had a great mexican dessert, tres leches. It was delicious! So after the great meal we had a piñata, of course you have to have a piñata on Cinco De Mayo. We all had a turn to hit it. So the deal was we were blind folded and had to spin around 10 times with our head on the bat. I was dizzy after just spinning twice. It was quite entertaining to watch everybody go though it. After destroying the piñata we sat around a camp fire and bonded as friends. It was a great night!