Monday, December 26, 2011


This year we got to celebrate it in Texas with just our little family. It was kind of nice to do something different and make our own traditions! We had hot chocolate on Christmas Eve, watched a Christmas movie, read a children's story about what Christmas is all about (thanks Mahauni) and opened up pj's. I love that Cohen really understood the whole presents thing this year. It made it so fun for me and Jon! Cohen also got it already that you wake up early on Christmas morning...he was up at 2 am wide awake! When 4 am rolled around and he was still awake we decided to get up and open presents...see what Santa brought! Definitely a good Christmas!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Utah Trip

Before Christmas I had the best time bringing in the holiday with my family. Jon had to stay due to his unit coming in...sad he couldn't come. Cohen and I tried get in as much of Utah, family and friends that we could. We had so much fun!
We went to go see the lights on Temple square
Cohen LOVES spending time with Millie
We made our way down to Riverwoods to see the lights there and check out the fun stores!
Had movie night! (PJ's were a must!)
I know you think this is lame...but I missed Red Robin...had to get me some clucks and fries! We also went to Brick Oven...loved spending time with the Fullers!
Of course spending time with friends!
We also went to Monticello and Goshen...yep I think we fit it all in! It was so good to see everyone! Jon was sad he couldn't make it out this time...hopefully next time! We miss you all!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Celebration of Lights

On Saturday night we went to the "Celebration of Lights" here in El Paso. What better way to start celebrating the holidays then with a Christmas tree lighting and holiday lights parade. We got there and it was packed...especially right around the courtyard of the tree. The tree lighting was beautiful. It was so fun we had a count down...the tree lite up and then all the courtyard lite up. Palm trees and everything! Right after they started the parade. How fun is it that they had a LIGHT parade. They had all cars, semi's, fire trucks, people and trailers decked out in lights. Cohen was loving it...every time something would pass by he was get this huge grin and just start babbling! It was so much fun...something we will definitely do next year!

Also right now it is SNOWING in El Paso...yay! It feels like Christmas!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Best buds...

Cohen's best friends, Hannah and Derrick, came over last night while their parents went out. Cohen spent the night trying to do EVERYTHING that Derrick did. By the end of the night they were exhausted and lounged on the couch, with popcorn in hand, watching The Lion King! They're too cute!