Sunday, April 26, 2009

Kids say the darndest things

Jon and I are primary teachers over the CTR 8. We have only taught for 2 weeks now but already like it. We have learned a few things from them and hopefully they are learning from us. It is so exciting to have a calling and to see these kids learn and grow. They are 7 turning 8 so we get to go to baptisms...exciting! Well I thought it would be fun to put a few of the fun things that they say. So here you have it...
  • We were teaching about the word of wisdom and asked "what is bad for our bodies?" One of the boys responded by saying "I learned yesterday that if you eat your toe, its bad." Jon and I didn't know what to say and didn't want to ask further.
  • When I was introducing us I said "I am sister Fuller and this is brother Fuller," one of the girls with a grin on her face and with the cute little voice shouted "oooh they're maarrrried!"
  • We have a jar, when the kids are good we put a marble in. When it is full the get a pizza party. When they are bad though we take some out. While telling them about this one of the boys asked "What if we are medium bad?" His twin brother answered him for us by saying "Bad is BAD there is no medium!" Smart kid in my mind.

A taste of parenthood!

So this weekend Jon and I were able to take care of our niece and nephew, Jackson and Ellie, while Kim and Brock enjoyed their anniversary in Arizona. They were so cute and we really enjoyed spending some time with them. There was never a dull moment with them. We enjoyed the weekend watching movies, going a walks (even though it rained), coloring, playing with play dough, making cookies, and building forts. I just loved being around them...they can always brighten up your day! Jackson ended up going to primary with us on Sunday and was the best kid there. He definitely knows his primary songs. It was a great weekend!

Jack-jack coloring
us making chocolate chip cookies (they were good helpers)
Ellie playing with play dough

One thing that both Jackson and Ellie like to do is to sing. This weekend I made Ellie a microphone out of tinfoil and a gluestick. She loves to stand up on "her stage" and sing. This is the song "I am Child of God." She is quite the performer and speaks clearly! It is the cutest thing!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Catch up on the Fuller Fam!

I know I haven't posted anything in awhile. Lets just say it has been really busy over the past couple of months. I figured I would just catch up on everything that has happened. So this is what has gone on over the past few months...

Jon and I have now been married over a year now on September 22nd! I am so excited to say that. It seems like it has flown by...they do say when you are having fun time flies by. It has been an amazing year. To celebrate our year mark we went up Anniversary Inn in Salt Lake for a night. Jon and I wanted to do something fun, so the plan was to walk around downtown Salt Lake. We decided to leave that car at the Inn and take the tracks where we wanted to go. That was our first mistake. While walking around we were trying to find a place we wanted to eat...I was craving red robin, which was pretty far from where we were so Jon decided to call a mistake. We had never done that before and will never do again. We ended up going to a place right near the Inn. By the time we got back we were both exhausted and had sore feet. I still loved spending time with him and it made an interesting night.

The next big trip was the cruise! I don't even know where to begin. We won this trip through a company by world mark. Our friends Austin and Talia had also gotten the trip. Our cruise left from Long Beach and went down to Mexico. Jon served in Long Beach and was thrilled when we found out we could go down a few days before we left on the cruise to visit old friends of his. It was nice that he knew how to get around and was able to take us to his favorite places before we left. We got to meet a few of the families that he met while serving. We stayed with one of the families, the Ellis'. They are such a cute family and were so sweet to us. Before we left we spent a day at Disneyland. We are all in our 20's but acted like we were 5. We choose the right time to go to disneyland, the longest we waited in line was 20 mins. It was so is the happiest place on earth. We were so lucky because it felt like we were able to go on two separate vacations. California and then the cruise. The cruise was amazing. It was our first time every going on one. People told me before I left that when you go on a cruise expect to gain a few pounds...well they were right. The food was okay for me but the dessert was the best! I ended up getting the melting chocolate cake every night. I can't even tell you how good it is. I actually loved it so much our server ended up getting the recipe for me. Our ship had 2 days at sea and one day in Mexico. When we docked you could get off and do whatever you wanted. After looking over the different excursions we chose to ride horses on the beach. It was a blast, a little "ghetto" but still so much fun! So pretty and probably the only time I will be able to do something like that. After the beach we went was many things to choose from. They have all these different shops with just about anything you could ever want for a decent price. All day I was searching for a silver bracelet and found one at the last store we went to. Walking around the shops was a little overwhelming. Every where you turned some one was trying to get you to try something on or buy something from them. The best part about the ship is you could do whatever you wanted and were treated like a king and queen. I felt spoiled; our beds were made in the morning, then folded down with towel animal placed on it before you went to bed, you could order whatever you wanted and however much you preferred. Needless to say after being catered to for 3 days we were so sad when it was over...having to come back to reality was hard.

Then there is Christmas...I know...I am that behind on blogging. It was fun to be around family. The high light was Christmas Eve when we reenacted the nativity scene. It was so fun...Jackson and Katelyn were Mary and Joseph. Brock and Troy played many different roles from a angel to a donkey. I have come to realize holidays are so fun with kids. I loved seeing their reactions on Christmas morning. We had an early Christmas party with the Jon's family because his mom and dad were going to be going to California for Christmas...lucky! The party was fun and we got to see our newest Nephew Kyle. For Christmas day we headed up to Erik and Tawna's house for dinner...that night there was a huge snow storm. It was crazy driving home. All in all it was a great Christmas!

I also turned 23! I feel so was a great birthday. I requested the day off at work. I am so glad because I finally got to sleep in for once. It was a relaxing day. Jon met up with me for lunch and then I was lucky to have dinner with all of my family. For part of my birthday Jon bought tickets to a special New Years Eve showing at Comedy Sportz. It was so funny...I couldn't stop laughing. Comedy Sportz has turned into one of mine and Jon's favorite date nights. Birthday's are great! I know this sounds lame but I have to tell you how excited I was about one of my presents. First off you have to know I am a neat freak and have been wanting one of these for quite some time. I was so excited about a VACUUM I got for my birthday, it works so well...thanks Mom you are the best!

So in February Jon and I decided that we wanted to save money and get into a house with in the year. Well the best way to do that is to have as little things to pay for as possible. So what better way than to move back in with parents. My dad and mom told us that if we ever wanted to we would always be welcome back at home...well we took up there offer and have moved in with them. It has been so nice to be home and to start saving for our own home! Dad and mom have been so great. Mom is a great cook (I help a little) Jon loves the food, so no complaints from him.

This past month we were able to go to California once again with my family. We were able to have ALL of the family come. With Brock's connections we were able to stay at a beach house right in Newport. The beach was 10 steps away. It was so relaxing and nice to be able to walk right out the door and head out to the beach. We had lots of fun at the beach building sand castles with our niece and nephew, and lots of fun running from waves out in the ocean. One day we all went to Disneyland and what a busy day it was. All I have to say is the Jackson and Katelyn are pretty brave kids, they went on almost all the rides the adults did. Having kids there made it 10 times more fun. One of the best times was when we all watched the pixar parade in California adventure. the kids got so excited to see all the different characters. It was a great vacation spending time with family, hanging out on the beach, and getting a tan!

So that brings you up to date!